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Automate Your Process

Traders know that days are numbered for the arcade style, but most aren't ready to hand over the reins to algorithms. Intuition says human edges like empathy and creativity can still generate alpha.

With technology and data more accessible than ever, most traders can be computer-assisted, data-led and exponentially more productive.

About you

You trade U.S. stocks and ETFs.

Your trading capital is greater than $25,000.

You rarely open and close a position in the same day.

You often trade price and volume signals with technical analysis.

You have a framework -- style, strategies, goals, rules, tickers, data, analytics, etc.

And a process -- steps that produce trading decisions.

Maybe you watch charts too much, miss trades or key data, make emotional decisions, think your results would improve if you had more time, etc.

About me

My name is Jay Beckner.

"Risk-On Analytics" has been the brand of my effort to become an effective, data-led trader.

Now, it represents a boutique consultancy which helps others develop a clear market identity and supporting technology.

You + Me

We document and refine your trading process and framework.

I codify what can be automated, and deploy your software on cloud infrastructure.

Your analytics pipeline is supported by a data service built for efficiency and access.

App status updates and trading alerts are delivered by messaging bots. Decision-support tools are built as needed.

In short, we collaborate on technology to *maximize your potential as a trader.

*Applying technology to a trading process does not guarantee profitability.

“We always had the freedom to override the system, mostly to take money off the table during extraordinary events that weren’t programmed. While the computer was much better than our brains in many ways, it didn’t have the imagination, understanding, and logic that we did.

That’s why our brains working with the computer made such a great partnership.”


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Send an email describing your approach to trading, and how you think process automation, data and analytics can help.

If this is right for you, we'll talk next steps.

Initial Engagement


  1. We discuss your needs and expectations (no charge)
  2. You make a nominal deposit
  3. We document your process and framework (1+ hours)
  4. You make a payment for services
  5. I translate documentation into Python 3 code (estimate)
  6. We discuss outputs and improvements (estimate)
  7. You make a final payment for services
  8. I setup cloud and data services, analytics pipeline and messaging bots (14 hours)
  9. I deliver technology with documentation, and we discuss next steps (no charge)


You maintain these accounts independently.


The hourly rate for software development, consulting and related services is $100.

The initial engagement may be completed in as few as 25 hours, however clients often extend the relationship to iteratively improve their framework, process and technology. Total cost is estimated in Step 1 above, refined in Step 3. Payments are timed to reflect your growing confidence in our relationship and its value.

The initial engagement is designed to maximize accessibility. Because well-capitalized traders may experience a bigger impact working with Risk-On Analytics, a "nominal-value" fee is added in Step 7. Details available upon request.

Unaltered deliverables include a 30-day warranty.

Risk-On Analytics (a.k.a. Risk On Analytics and riskonanalytics) is not legally bound to offer the services or pricing shown above.