Risk-On Analytics

Stop Watching Charts, Do More

Traders know that days are numbered for the arcade style, but most aren't ready to hand over the reins to algorithms. Intuition says human edges like empathy and creativity can still generate alpha.

With technology and data more accessible than ever, most traders can be computer-assisted, data-led and exponentially more productive.


My name is Jay Beckner. This site documents my progress as a data-led trader, and is a placeholder for future content and services.

My career began as a broker, cold-calling during the 2002 bear market. I left the business in 2004 and earned an MBA in 2008. Afterwards, I accumulated experiences in technology, product and systems development and data analytics, unrelated to trading.

I started this project in 2018 and quickly shed sheets-based tools for Python code and cloud computing. While creating supportive technology, I traded options, journaled strategies and improved my process and framework.


With a balanced framework, I trade options on 120+ U.S. stocks and ETFs.

I automate things like technical, statistical and relative analysis to scale my trading process.

My code gets data, evaluates markets, monitors positions, tracks setups, alerts entries and more.

Tech stack: GCE with Python 3, Storage and Sheets, plus Shell, Colab, IEX Cloud and Telegram


I aim for consistent, absolute returns with relative outperformance.

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I withdraw capital in excess of deposits monthly.


Each strategy may risk up to 10% of capital.


With options strategies, I aim to use about half of the days to expiration.


I focus on average, periodic and cumulative results.


“We always had the freedom to override the system, mostly to take money off the table during extraordinary events that weren’t programmed. While the computer was much better than our brains in many ways, it didn’t have the imagination, understanding, and logic that we did.

That’s why our brains working with the computer made such a great partnership.”

— Ray Dalio, Principles