Jay Beckner

High-Productivity Trading

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I automate technical, statistical, relative, bias and risk analysis to scale my trading process.

My code fetches data, builds dataframes, generates ideas, watches charts and monitors trades.

My tech stack includes Python 3, Google Colab, IEX data, Telegram, TOS and Robinhood.

I trade the deep, liquid options chains of 100+ U.S. stocks and ETFs.

I do so within a framework that reflects my experience and interests.

Stocks captured my interest in the late '90s.

I didn't know my identity in markets -- until recently.


2018: I started trading more frequently, with smarter sizing and sheets-based analytics. Much progress has been made since.

2019: After executing hundreds of strategies, and integrating the experience into my code and trading framework, I'm ever closer to the goal: data-led, absolute returns with relative market outperformance.


I manage capital to a target level. Distribute above as income. Add to increase target.

This chart should resemble a normal EKG.


I make frequent trades, one to five percent of account value.

Diversified by sector, bias, strategy and duration, entries are my most important decisions.


Most of my strategies generate credits, of which I aim to keep 50 percent.

A large deviation from 50% duration consumed indicates strategic dissonance.


Options sellers create edge by taking a large number of trades.

Average return on risk is more important than an individual trade result.

For a defined risk strategy, return equals net closing value divided by maximum potential loss.


How the above charts translate into P/L.


  • Access quality data and trade faster intervals
  • Get an on-demand understanding of market bias
  • Find and filter setups in 100+ tickers automatically
  • Execute the right options strategies consistently
  • Eliminate chart watching and improve trade timing
  • Monitor open positions for trend and duration risks
  • Explore and visualize a ticker's data
Collapsed view of my Google Colab notebook.


  • Record and calculate trade details
  • Link chart images for reference
  • Aggregate data and visualize trends
  • Find sweet spots and fill gaps
Partial view of my Google Sheets trading journal, which generates the charts charts above.


Consulting, I can deliver high-productivity tools to support your technical strategy and trading framework.

On your buy-side equity desk, I can add strategic diversity and collaborate with other traders on process automation.

At a later date, I may offer private alternative asset management services and/or a web-based, freemium version of my ideas and tech.