Risk-On Analytics

Traders know that days are numbered for the arcade style, but most aren't ready to fully automate.

Their intuition says edges like empathy and creativity are still relevant.

Our thesis: humans can still generate alpha by maximizing process automation and executing a durable trading framework.


We trade a set of unique market signals based on price, volume, volatility, trend and momentum. On weekly, daily and hourly chart intervals. With options on 120+ U.S. stocks and ETFs.

We structured key technicals into repeating states or setups. Then created algorithms for bias and charting with correlative context to filter setups and monitor open positions. Setup familiarity and flow helps us execute consistently profitable option strategies, and turn over capital at a relatively high rate.

Tech stack: GCE with Python 3, Storage and Sheets, plus Shell, Colab, IEX Cloud and Telegram

We chart our results here. Get real-time access here.

“We always had the freedom to override the system, mostly to take money off the table during extraordinary events that weren’t programmed. While the computer was much better than our brains in many ways, it didn’t have the imagination, understanding, and logic that we did. That’s why our brains working with the computer made such a great partnership.”

— Ray Dalio, Principles

Key Metrics -- COmING SOON!

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Updated 2020-10-22